Virtual Exhibit 

Delve into Oregon’s story, from the archaeology of the First Americans to the dynamic cultures of today’s Tribes. 

Combining interactive displays with world-class anthropological collections, Oregon—Where Past is Present shares 14,000 years of Oregon stories, and invites you to tell your own. Explore the galleries, test your skills as an archaeologist, and much more.
How to use the virtual exhibit:
  • The small dots on the walls indicate additional resources, such as videos, text, images, or links to other websites.
  • Move through the exhibit by clicking on the circles on the floor. You can go one by one, jump ahead, or move back at any time.
  • Click and drag the screen left, right, up, and down to look around
  • The three small icons in the bottom left corner allow you to access the “dollhouse” view, floorplan view, and measurement tool.
  • The measurement tool allows you to measure items in the exhibit.
  • Zoom in and out to get a better view.
  • It is possible to view the exhibit on a phone or tablet, but a larger computer screen is optimal.

Want to see the exhibit in person? Visit the Museum of Natural and Cultural History’s website for more information.

Are you a K-12 educator? Our Oregon—Where Past is Present educator guide builds on the exhibit with lesson plans connected to the Oregon Department of Education’s Tribal History/Shared History curriculum. Learn more about the free guide, available beginning September 2021.